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Farm economy "Golden fish", Ukraine, sale of onion, wheat, sunflower

We glad to see you at the site of farm economy "Golden fish"! Our company situated in Ukraine, Nikolaevskaya region. We can offer to you products of high quality, today it is onion, wheat, rape, sunflower, potatoes, barley, maize, soy. And products of gardening, they are apples, sweet-cherry, cherry, currant, plum.

Our company has big experience in growing, keeping and selling of grain, technical, fruit and vegetable products. The partners of our company are large-scale companies of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, Romania, the Netherlands.

Collaborating with us you are assured receive the organic harvest of high quality exact in terms!


We invite partners for collaborating By the selling of organic products - Onion, wheat, sunflower, supply till 500 tons and more!

We are glad to inform you about Starting of electronic representation of Farm economy "Golden fish", Ukraine, Pervomaysk, Nikolaevskaya region.

Large onion of sort "Comet"

Selling the onion of sort "Comet" In quantity of 200 tons
Goldish onion

Selling the goldish onion of sort "Vladimir" in quantity of 200 tons.

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