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About company

Company was established in Pervomaysk, Nikolaevskaya region and from that time it's always modernizing.

Fertile chernozem and modern technologies let us to produce the products of high quality.

The main task of economy is the high remunerative production, revision, keeping and selling of grain, technical, fruit and vegetable products.

Average annual producing of plant growing products is:

  • Wheat grocery - 2 - 2,5 thous. tons
  • Rape grocery- 2,5 - 3thous. tons
  • Barley forage- 1 - 1,5 thous. tons
  • Maize forage- 1 -1,3 thous. tons
  • Sunflower - 800 - 1 thous. tons
  • Soya - 1 thous. tons
  • Large onion- 4 - 5 thous. tons
  • Apples - 600 - 800 tons

Farm economy "Golden fish" grows berry and drupaceous cultures : currant, sweet cherry, cherry-plum, plum, cherry.

Vegetable market of Ukraine is rapidly modifies. Our task is constant studying, analysis of market's development.

Company FE "Golden fish" ready to offer assortment, which you can successfully use in conditions of modern demand

Sincerely hope, that combined collaboration will bring to you more than your waiting results.

With wishes of high harvests,
Director of FE "Golden fish"
Gaditsky Nickolay


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